Muay Thai Techniques

Practice Muay Thai Training Techniques
Human mind is a great thing to analyze. It can store millions of tiny things in it and can pick them up one by one when needed. Mind can be trained with continuous practice to perform a certain job. When mind and body learn, they automatically connect themselves and perform the job and the effort of making them do so decreases manifolds. In this case too, mind and body needs to be trained to perform Muay Thai techniques effectively. Human body and mind should be made to go through the drilling every once in a while to keep them fresh and in this way a trainee does not forget the skills he learned during intensive training sessions. This article particularly emphasizes how a trainee should drill his kicks he learns in Muay Thai sessions. As it is said ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ one should always drill to improve the skills.
By drilling Muay Thai moves, trainee embeds them into his nervous system. People are under the impression it is muscle memory that recalls the techniques. Muscles help carrying out the actual move. It is the nervous system that remembers the technique. Through constant repetition, nervous system remembers these martial arts technique and muscles help to execute them. Though more conditioned muscles are — the stronger and faster each striking and defensive move will be, but speed and power are nothing in comparison if one cannot properly execute the technique at the right time. This is where the drilling comes in. By constantly drilling Muay Thai techniques, nervous system is remembering how to throw and execute that particular technique. Each time trainee throws a kick, a punch, a defensive movement, and body remembers how it was done. The more one does it the better he gets at the move. Image how good a push kick would be if it was drilled for a month. It would be significantly better than all Muay Thai techniques. The problem is trainees become very bored at just doing one technique all the time. It starts to become mundane and they start drilling the move horribly which in turn make them worst Muay Thai kickboxing fighter. Here is the way to do it right. Start by mixing up all the different ways you can drill these techniques.

• Shadow boxing with push kicks
• Push kicks on the Muay Thai heavy bag
• Push kicks with a partner
• Visualizing the technique
• Light Sparring with kicks


Not only do all the ways above helps one to keep everything fresh, but it also gives a different feel and look on how to throw the attacks. Shadow boxing the push kicks is going to be a lot different than push kicking on the Muay Thai heavy bag or the Thai pads.
As it says above, drilling is the soul of Muay Thai. Unless one practices it over and over again, one cannot master a technique. This is best for the health and gaining fitness on one hand and on the other hand it will help mastering the skills learned during training sessions.