“Cheying” is really confident that “Sirimongkol” might be the winner in this match surely.

At this moment, Che Ying or Walaithip Phoptheeratham has confirmed to Silimongkol Sitanuphab that in the next match he will fight with Yodphayak Khaoklaiyim again as the master couple boxer of Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 4th April 2015 at Om Noi boxing stadium certainly. However, now he is still practicing at Phobthorntham Muay Thai camp with Samat Phayakarun  as same as the past time to get the revenge with this couple boxer to have the good future in this match for sure.

Che Ying said that now Sirimongkol is still practicing at his Muay Thai camp as same as the past times with his good attention and devoting. Then, in this match she is confident that her boxer might overcome his couple boxer after being the winner for once time. Therefore, now he might have the program to fight with Yodphayak instead of Onechalerm in the last match affecting to Silimongkol to practice himself for free , except for gaining the reward from the head of boxing stadium. Later, he is ready to fight for the next match for sure with this couple boxer and his diligence to fight.

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