“Onephadet” is certain to overcome “Somrak”.

The commander Yod Onephadet Suwanwichit has revealed that the cause that he has lost to Somrak Khamsing is because of his worse body condition. However, in this time he can use all strategies with his training of the body condition  , so it has the high prone to get revenge of Somrak surely.

For the getting revenge or old couple boxer with 3 million baht between Somrak Khamsing and Yodonephadet Suwanwichit , now they have signed the contact with the deposit for 30000 baht already prior to fight together in SuekOneMitChai and Suek Phetwisate as the big match at Rachadamnern boxing stadium on this 2nd April 2015. Then, it gained the interests and good response from the Muay Thai fans in Thailand much to have the crowded of people to join in this match.

Lately, the commander Yodonephadet has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam for this meeting that it is known well that in the last time he has lost to Somrak for once time. However, in this match he might show his full strategies , but Somrak might use only fist and few strategies , so he is confident to be the winner for gaining the lose money back surely.

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