The emergency way with the sickness of Sanchai

for the master couple boxer or Sarakham now Sanchai P.K. Muai Thai Yim has his chance to fight with Nong O of 5 stars chicken as the interesting one. Lately, at night of last 19th January 2015 Sanchai phoned to inform about his neck inflammation and his fever until can’t fight with Nong O. Then, it should apologize for the teamwork of Promoter and the Muay Thai fans too. In the earlier , he has prepared himself well with his overweight not for many pounds , but now he has been sick without knowing the way to solve the problem. On the other hand, he may have not enough force to fight , so he has to quit from his program to fight at last. Whilst, he has confirmed that now he can fight with Nong O again by letting himself to be recovered from illness for fighting with funniness once more.

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