“The Lieutenant Yod” has informed to “Toi” for giving more 2 million baht.

The lieutenant Yodonephadet Suwanwichit has asked to Cinteung or the lawyer Toi Imminent Air that if his teamwork and he have given 4 million baht , it won’t be sufficient to share. Then, the teamwork of Yodonephadet might give for more 2 million baht. Thus, if anyone is interested in giving more money , he can contact to the teamwork of Yodonephadet. Besides, now both Yodonephadet and the Lawyer Toi or the old boxers are practicing so hard , and they are ready to fight in Suek Kertphet as the big match on this Tuesday of 3rd February 2015 surely. 

This couple boxer is another old and amazing one ; namely, Yodonedet Suwanwichit and the lawyer Toi Imminent Air. Moreover, now the lawyer Toi has given the deposit money for 4 million baht already , and this couple boxer is the most strange of all. Whilst, the commander Yodonesadet has been fought in the international boxer only , but the Lawyer Toi has usually fought in Thai boxer program. Besides, they might fight with each other in Suek Kertphet for the big match on this Tuesday of 3rd February 2015 surely. Thus, after both of them have showed off their appearance and given the deposit of money , the Muay Thai fans all agreed in different way for the winner of this couple boxer. Besides, this will be the first time for Yodonesadet to come back for fight in the Thai boxing program again after losing to Somrak Khamsing in the last match. Therefore, it should ask for the lawyer Toi to give more than 4 million baht due to not enough to share or either his teamwork might give more money instead.

The lieutenant Yod said that in his opinion if The lawyer Toi and his teamwork might give for only 4 million baht for this program , it might not be sufficient to share. On the other hand, the teamwork of Yodonesadet might give more money than this amount as well as other people to contact to his teamwork for giving more a large amounts of money without any problem to know the good response or the bad one.

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