“Takoon” believes that two boxers might defeat the foreign ones to be the champion.

Thakoon Phongsupha believes that the boxer in Rungrat boxing camp and Rungrawee Sasiphraphayim might become the two winners of Suek Lion Fight to fight on this Friday 9th January or on this 10th January of Thailand although they will fight with the dangerous local boxers and face with the falling of snow and the closing of the airport to delay for 2 days. However, now they can arrive to the resident without any problem as well as checking the eye sight of Rungrat to be ready to fight surely.
Then, now these two boxers ; namely, Ruangrawee and Rungrat Sasiprapayim have come to Connectticut in the United States of America already yesterday leading by the teamwork of Takoon Phongsupha after spending time for 2 days due to his continuing of boarding another flight. Besides, it was because the falling of snow and the closing of the airport to lose much time ; however, they can arrive to the destination safely. After that, the promoter or the old disciple of Sasiprapayim boxing camp has driven the luxury car for them to get rest at the resident with good food. Moreover, he has cooked for these two boxers to consume with full stomach under to condition of 12 Celsius , and in the first day Rungrat has checked his eye sight with not having any problem as well as being ready to fight.
Takoon reported through line to Andaman Muay Thai that they have spent times for nearly 2 days to arrive the destination due to the falling of snow and the closing of the airport. However, they have arrived to the destination and trained ourselves since they have stayed in Thailand , so they are confident to grasp the champion for both.

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