”ET “ be Fit, to be Muay Thai superstar at Rajadamnern stadium

Pan Turbo told ET Petchsomnuk, He is hard working for the secondary match with Bangpleenoi 96 Penang in Sukpetchviset + Wanmit in January 9 at Rajadamnern Stadium. He confident ET might beat Bangpleenoi.
After he lost, now he has match with Bangpleenoi 69 Penang. It is the secondary match for SukPetchviset + Wanmitchai in January 9 at Ratchadumneun Muay Thai Stadium. Pan Turbo, ET’s supporter said He told ET to hard work for this competition even his physical condition is disadvantageous. Now he is get better, He believes Bangpleenoi cannot beat him. Who lose gambling ET in last 2 fights, please bet him again. He is going to be superstar again.


“I’ve already stressed with ET for Fit his body. I accept ET is disadvantageous but he is hard working for this match. I believe ET has the chance to beat opponent. It must be fun, who bet ET in last 2 fights and lose, please bet him again. You will take back from this match. He will be a superstar again. Turbo said

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