“Khaotrai” has brought his money in the piggy bank to open for the new gymnasium in Phuket.

Now, Khaotrai Galaxy or the eternal world champion has his essentiality to close his gymnasium of Thai boxing in Soi Intramara 47. Besides, later he might take his family to stay on the South of Thailand on Phuket province including of opening the gymnasium of Muai Thai again in Republic Phuket Stadium. This opening will result from the support of the head Phisit Atchariya or the owner business man of Kata Group Hotel and Resort as some parts.

In addition, now he is the promoter to setup for the boxing programs for some Chinese tours every month for each of 3 couple ones. Then, it includes of setting up of the Muai Thai arts show , so later Nong Nueng , his wife , Nong Kaimook and him will stay at the South of Thailand or in Phuket province. Therefore, it might have the new and last boxing program  in the old place to be debut on this 15th May 2016.

What’s more, Khaothrai has revealed that now his current gymnasium might continue to open since this end of month only. After that, he might move to stay at Phuket province including of being supported from the head Phisit Atchariyachai to open the new gymnasium. However, on the final match of his management on the current place, there will be the debut of the new match on this 15th May 2016 as the final time ; namely, Riangdate Sakwichian fighting with Chareonporn Phobtheeratham and others. Thus, for the progress of this program , Muai Siam will present to be informed to the viewers in the future.

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