“Kingthong” has made the excellent list of well-known boxers

“Kingthong Luakprabat would like to gain the encouragement from the Muay Thai fans for fighting on this 28th April 2016. Thus, it shouldn’t miss with this program consisting of the different program boxers. And, there will have the North Eastern boxer to grasp for 100000 baht on this program too.

For Suek One King Thong setup on last week at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, now there are plenty of Thai Muay Thai fans to view this program with less foreigners. However, Kingthong or Winai Naksin still has his a lot of benefits to make the good list of the couple ones to favor of the Muay Thai fans further on the future match. Then, it might set up on this Thursday of 28th April 2016 ; namely, the master one or Riangdate Sakwichian fighting with Kaew Pharanchai following by the second one or Phetngam Kertkamphon fighting with Khwan S. Plernchit and the supporting one or Sanson Arawan fighting with Chomthong Sakwichian and other famous ,new and small size stars.

Therefore, the promoter Kingthong would like the Muay Thai fans to send the good encouragement to all new stars including of the last one or Phetphonrat Yodmuaiphonrat or Krataipa Singbanlangthong fighting to grasp for 200000 baht with Dansiam Krudamyim to gain the funniness. Finally, in this program Phetphonrat might try his best to show his good performance although he has just been the loser on the last match.

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