The rating of Max is in the better way.

Sorsor Taochareonsuk is really glad for the rating of the champion Muai Thai in Semi Final round or 8 Max Muai thai from channel 8 that has been responded from Thai Muay Thai fans and the foreigners much more. In addition, it has confirmed that all of them really like to watch these good selected boxers to fight with amusement for sure.

For Suek The Champion of Semi Final for Muai Thai or 8 Max Muai Thai program from channel 8 that always broadcasts on weekends, now it has the good respond from Thai Muay Thai fans and the foreigners. However, currently the new boxing stadium has been in the construction, but there are more Muay Thai fans to watch in every week. Thus, now Sorsor Nawat Taochareonsuk or the big advisor of Max Muai Thai is really glad including of guaranteeing to select for the Thai boxers and foreign boxers to fight with funniness for sure.

The big boss of Max Muai Thai has revealed that how to select the couple ones might come from the amusement to fight in every match. Then, it might not bring the foreign ones to be defeated by the excellent Thai boxers surely. Thus, from watching in each week of 8 Max Muai Thai it has seen that some matches there are Thai boxers who have lost to foreign boxers with amusement too. Similarly, it should thank for every Muay Thai fans to cheer up them.

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