The head of Meanburi might give back the happiness to everyone.

Now, Sia Aek or Thinnakorn Plodphai or the big boss of Meanburi Sports has released the boxing program to make the happiness to the Muay Thai fans on this Saturday if 26th December in 2015. Besides, he assigns his work to Bangchu P. Saman to coordinate with Sorkhor Siriphong Ratsamee. Then, it should let this couple one to show the good performance on T News channel as the master one for Fahmongkol Chokphreecha to fight with Sanphon Luakbanyai.

For Suek Muai Thai T News fighting at Meanburi Sports boxing stadium to make the happiness for the Muay Thai fans of Meanburi Sports on this Saturday of 26th December in 2015 because Sia Aek and Thinnakorn including of the teamwork have selected the excellent ones from all places to compete to favor of the Muay Thai fans for sure.

Besides, since 7.00 p.m. there will be Donas Luakklongtan to fight with Yusub Luaksuan in 22 kg. and Yodsia Luakbanyai to fight with Phet S. Kitrungroj in 35 kg. After that, there will be the couple ones to be broadcasted on TNews channel ; namely, Nattadate Keng K. Klomklao to fight with Chaichana Duangtawada of Keela Suphan school in 108 pounds , Phetyothin Sorkhor Siriphong to fight with Phetrawa K. Kamphanat in 116 pounds following by the second one or Leklai Dragon Muai Thai to fight with Phetdam K. Kamphanat in 122 pounds and the master one of the program or Fahphet Chokphreecha to fight with Sanphon Luakbanyai in 113-112 pounds. Thus, on this program Sia Aek has quaranteed that for this match it might fight with the funniness certainly.

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