It has setup the goal to grasp for 2 champion belts.

The lietunent Termsak Thulanthaisong has taken charge of Chamuakphet Kertkasatsuek for practicing hardest in his life to grasp for 2 champion belts on 4th CP Freshmart and championof Thailand in 122 pounds. However, it has accepted that this is not the easy task to face the old one ; namely, Phetsaharat S. Kerttiwat. However, it is confident that now Chamuakphet might win his couple one with his good body condition in order to be bested regard by the Muay Thai fans.

The head of the boxing camp said that for Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this week , it has postponed to fight on Saturday of 14th November 2015 at International Rangsit boxing stadium. Moreover, it begins to fight at 2.00-4.00 p.m. as the master one to grasp the champion of 4th CP Freshmart between Phetsaharat S. Kerttiwat to fight with Chamuakphet Kertkasatsuek including of being the champion of Thailand to fight in 122 pounds. Lately, the lietunent Termsak Thulanthaisong or the head of the boxing camp of Chamuakphet has revealed for this match that it is the most significant one in his life. Then, it should practice hardest too with his excellent body condition although fighting with Phetsaharat as not the easy task. Similarly, now it has nothing to be afraid of , so he is certain that his body condition might be great to grasp 2 champion belt surely as well as besting regard to the Muay Thai fans throughout the country to cheer up him much.

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