“Onechana” has challenged with”Yodphayak”

For suek Muai Thai Chedsee broadcasted on this Sunday of 23rd August 2015 , it has the first couple one to fight on this program between Onechana Luaknongyaithiam to show the beautiful form on channel 7 in order to fight with Yodphayak Ph. Chareonphat in 104 pounds to worth of money.

For the first couple one of Suek Muai Thai Ched See, it has the promoter Chun Kertphet ,who has selected the excellent form couple boxer or Onechana Luaknongyaithian to fight on channel 7 favoring of the Muay Thai fans throughout the country. In addition, he has won Kritthongkhamlek of Sports Korat. Thus, on this match he might fight with Yodphayak Ph. Chareonphat as the small and fresh couple one who has never fight with each other before. Finally, it might show the good performance , form and future prior to knock the couple one as the excellent one.

On this Sunday, for the master couple one there will be Sakchainoi to fight with Sirimongkol P.K.Sanchai Muai Thai Yim following by Kwangngen of Rachaphat Chombeung Village to fight with Chatchai Sitphanon and Phichitsuek Sitnaiphat to fight with Darkee Luakmakhwamwarn

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