“Onesongkran” has showed the good performance.

Kit Bangkhunthian has thanked for promoter Chun Kertphet with the teamwork to support One Songkran or the knock S. Phankrut well to receive the champion belt because of his fresh form.

Thus, with the 9 statistics of Onesongkran S. Phankrut , he has knocked Santhanongnoi Luakbanyai on the first round as well as won Udomlek S. Sadaoyim and Phetanan S. chitprasert including to knock Kaiyasit Kertchareonchi on the fourth round , Dennapho T. Kertchai on the third round , Pharehatlek Sakrangsit on the third round , Muengchailak Sitdabkaew and Phetfahsai Phumphanmung on the third round.

Lately, the reporter has been revealed from Kit Bangkhunthian or Suphakit Phankrut or the head of the boxing camp, who said to the new knock boxer that he has been glad with his work much as well as thanking for the promoter Chun Kertphet and the teamwork to push up him all the times.

Finally, he said that this boxer has brought the proud to his boxing camp much by knocking 6 of 9 matches to grasp the champion belt. Therefore, he has gain the encouragement much.

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