“Suriya” has boasted that he can knock “Prakailek” for sure.

The trainer Suriya Ch. Weeko has guaranteed for his couple one or Phrakaiphetlek Imminent Air that he has his perfect body condition to fight for grasping the champion of Thai Insurance with his full performance. Thus, this might be the first year for him to gain this opportunity ,except for being knocked in the end of round , so he has his good strategy to show for the Muay Thai fans and the teamwork surely.

Currently, Phrakailek Imminent Air has his queue to grasp the champion of Thai Insurance boxing round with Chit Muengnon or the new star as the master couple one of Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee on TGN channel surely broadcasted on this 11st July 2015 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium. Lately, the trainer or Suriya Ch.Weko has confirmed about the practicing of Phrakailek that now he has his perfect body condition , but it shouldn’t be careless for his couple one too because of his special form. As the result, it should believe for his devoting to grasp the champion on this match for the Muay Thai camp too.

Suriya said that now he has hoped that his boxer might perform with his good role surely; however, it shouldn’t be careless for the form of his couple one also. Therefore, it should let for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up of this couple one at Lumphinee boxing stadium on this Saturday too.

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