“Chareonthrab” has never forgotten to be grateful for Sawake in the full way.

The excellent boxer of 2010 or Chareonthrab Kerttibanchong has appreciated that Atsawindam or the commander Sawake Phinsinchai doesn’t leave his small boxing camp to do another job. Besides, it has confirmed that Sornphet Sitchareonthrab and Luakphet Suanrangsit Sitchareonthrab are ready to fight on the boxing stadium on this Sunday of 14th June 2015 for Suek Atsawindam on channel 9 now.

For Suek Atsawin of the commander Sawake Phinsinchai, he has been making the progress for creating works continously. Then, on this Sunday of 10th June 2015 , he has made the list of couple ones ; namely, Sorphet Sitchareonthrab to fight with Phanmongkol S. Taweewat as the opening couple one including of Somdate Ph. Meebun to fight with Samkok Suwityim , the master couple one or Luakphet Suanrangsit Sitchareonthrab to fight with Thanaphon Sortor Watcharin.  As the result, Chareonthrab Kertbanchong has confirmed to send his beloved boxer to fight at the boxing stadium too.

Chareonthrab revealed that in the earlier he would like to thank you for the commander Sawake Phinsinchai who has never left for his boxers in the boxing camp. Then, he would like to be grateful to his senior one by supporting his junior boxers to fight in the big matches no matter to be the losers of the games.

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