“Aekwayu” may obstruct the way of his couple one to be the new star.

The boxer of Imminent Air program has been cheered up to fight with Aekwayu of Bangkokthonburi university as the leader of Khomchadleuk Suek Muai Thai program broadcasted on Sunday of 15th November 2015. Moreover, this program has showed at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium on channel 26 since 7.45-9.45 p.m. as the third match. Therefore, all the 2 last matches have been supported by the Muay Thai fans in excellent way.

The coordinator said that for Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai broadcasted on channel 26 , it has now broadcasted on Chitmuengnon boxing stadium or Ortorkor 3 on every Sundays at 7.45-9.45 P.M. Then, after fighting for 2 matches , it has altered to setup on another channel to be interested by the Muay Thai fans excellently with more couple boxers to join and good name to be well-known by the Muay Thai fans. Thus, on this Sunday, there will be the master one or the boxer of Imminent Air program to fight with Aekwayu of Bangkok Thonburi university in 118 pounds for grasping the champion following by the first one or Yodsanchai Nayok A Thasala to fight with Singphrapha Sorchor Piakutai ,the second one or Phetkanthad M Yuden to fight with Mangkornkhao Sitkaewphraphon in 124 pounds including of Sansak S. Bunyiam to grasp 100,000 baht with Chalawan S. Thanaphet. Consequently, all the 2 matches it has begun with the beautiful form to be interested by the Muay Thai fans until gaining the satisfied ratings in order to make public relations. While it should send the teamwork to be sure about the information in order to make public relations about the news excellently. Finally, on this Sunday Rungubon should fight with Aekwayu with funniness for sure to try for being the champion of the game.

“Chanchai” is frightened to fight with “Yodmongkol” in 120 pounds.

Prachanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim is alarmed when the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban has made the list of the boxer for Yodmongkol T. Laksong to fight with 120 pounds equally to his boxer. However, for this subject he has his more disadvantages than his couple one. Thus, it should ask whether the senior to let this couple one to fight.

For Suek Mahachon or Suek Onethongchai broadcasted on this Wednesday of 14th October 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , now it has all programs to fight ;namely, the first couple one or Phrachanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim to fight with Yodmongkol T. Laksong in 120 pounds after fighting for twice times. On the other hand, this couple one has taken turn to be the winner and the loser for each of once time, except for the third time to fight in 120 pounds for being the winner. Thus, Prachanchai reveals that he isn’t satisfied on this game in order to control the weight for reducing his size. Therefore, it depends on Pheekhak as the only one to fight on this game.

Prachanchai said that after they have taken turn to lose and win this game for once time , so now this is the third time for him to fight in 120 pounds. On the other hand, with his smaller size , he should control his weight,which depends on the head of the boxing camp whether to let him fight in which way.

“Norasing” might fight on 2 ways and join in Hongkong.

Norasing Luakbanyai has his queue to fight for the international  match on this 9th October 2015 at Chumporn with the teamwork Korkertgroup. Besides, on this 24th October 2015 he might fight further for the final round at Hongkong with the Chinese boxer in order to practice for both ways.

Currently, Norasing Luakbanyai or the excellent Thai boxer of Siam Keela first award has come back to fight for the occupational boxer with Kokertgroup. However, it has no time for them to grasp for the world champion. Then, he reveals to prepare for fighting of Thai boxing program again in 2 way. Moreover, lately Norasing has his program to fight for both international and Thai boxing program. Thus, on this Friday of 9th October 2015 he might fight for the international boxing program including of on this 24th October 2015 to fight with the Chinese boxer for 3 rounds.

Thus, for the former Thai boxer from Satoon province , it has revealed that he has his good attention to fight on the international and Thai boxing program. However, it still doesn’t know that whoever might grasp the world champion. Then, on this Friday of 9th October 2015 he might fight for the international program at Chumporn province , while he might fight for the Thai program on the Semi Final round at Hongkong. After that, he might practice himself to fight for Thai boxing program fully.