Andaman Muay Thai

Andaman Muay Thai Gym .

Train Muay Thai with the professional in the good place with beautiful beach at Andaman sea .

This is also known as “The Science of Eight Limbs”  as it employs these 8 points to attack.  This style is well known for its extensive use of the knees and elbows.


Everyone can train Muay Thai with us .

The trainers at Andaman Muay Thai camp offer every one of our visitors a program suited to their individual goals. Some people come just to get fit. Some people come to fight. Our trainers have the knowledge to teach everyone .


Loss weight : You will loss 10 kilogram in 1 month with VIP training .

Fighting : You will be fight on the ring of Muay Thai in 2 months .  If you train Muay Thai 6 months with us , you can fight as Muay Thai fighters from Thailand .


There’s nowhere better to do this than in its homeland, here at Muay Thai Training Camp. Aadaman Muay Thai Training camp have a long experience of teaching Muay Thai  to everyone, and we gratefully accept foreigners to learn Muay Thai with us.